Monday, September 20, 2010


This will be another boring entry without photos, again!

Firstly, congratulations to the new parents, Fong & Faisal....their newborn Zane (Sorry Fong, dunno how to spell his second name) came after a delayed appearance! All 4kg and 'hardwork' was cherished after a cute baby boy (almost the size of my AIR2 at one month) was safely delivered. Congratulations once again! You got me worried when I didn't receive any reply from you...but alhamdulilah when I called the hospital, got your ward number, you were safe and sound :) More pain and pleasure than IM, isn't it?

Apologies if AIR2 was crying too much when Iwent to see you. That's what you get when the baby's colic/kembung/angin whatchamacallit! :) And the drama AIR1 kicked up after the bottle broke! *phaiseh* (embarassed)

Fong, when's the next addition coming? hehe enjoy motherhood and your 60-day-break! :)

Next up, congratulations to newlyweds Lokman and his wife Nadiah! Lovely outfit and wanted to take pics with you guys, but unfortunately, the lil' one wasn't too comfy in the heat and didn't make things easy. Didn't manage to stay too long and missed Faisal.

All the best to Lokman and's your new walk of life and may you be blessed with mny children! :)


[-suziey-] said...

waaa tahniah utk newlyparents & newlyweds :D

selamat hari raya reita:)

isabelle said...

adoiyaiii..byk drama di sebalik tabir rupanya.

reitak said...

thanks Suziey, same to you!

Isabelle, ituler...hehe

Fong said...

Tq so much... U da byk mbantu... Glad v al pun have safe delivery. Nw coping w kid la, huhu..

Dancing Ciken said...

oh dear, i baru tengok post u hari ni. congrats fong!