Monday, September 6, 2010

Sinari Lebaran - TV3 Raya Ad

It was finally aired on Friday on TV3 but my short-lived fame lasted only 2 days.

What am I referring too? The very much talked about (only if you watch TV3) Raya Advert by TV3. When I was asked to attend the shoot, I was told it was themed ‘Fantasy Raya’, i.e. a boy’s fantasy of Raya sparked off when he saw a picture of a trishaw. The shoot (especially for the kids) took 2 days, but I was there for my portion for only 1 day. End product – I had no idea.
So after all the waiting, I was told that it was going to be aired on Friday ( 3rd sept) and after waiting and waiting, I finally caught a glimpse of it before breaking of fast (can’t really rmbr what time, but I think it was before 7pm), that too, I missed the beginning.

Then when I saw the clip online, it was on You Tube and TV3’s FB page, it didn’t appear like how I imagined it to be. And to top it off, it sparked a lot of controversial comments especially from the Muslims in the country. It is said to have elements of Christianity (flying trishaw i.e. Santa Claus), Buddhism (flying lotus flowers) and Hinduism (a lot of lights, portraying Deepavali the festival of lights). I guess these comments were right in their own way because when I showed the clip to my mum and aunts (all non-Muslims) the first comment was ‘Why is that Santa?’ then it was ‘What exactly is it trying to portray? It’s not like a Raya Ad’.

Well, yeah it doesn’t look like a Raya Ad at all. Anyway, check it out here. (Not sure if it'll stay here forever due to the controversy)

So there goes my short-lived fame! Hahaha the other advert, which is supposed to be a 1Malaysia-concept advert, well I’ve not seen it yet. Now just not my luck I guess. 1 scrapped even before airing, 1 taken off air and now the other – dunno where it is. Hehe but the most important of all, I’m paid! :D

On a lighter note – although it lasted for about 2 days , I’m surprised that there were people who recognized me from that short 2s of close up shot. Few other shots were in a group and not so clear. :)


isabelle said...

really? i didnt realize it. mklm la, baru tgk kat blog org tadi sekali je.
which one ek?

yatie chomeyl said...

are u th eon eyg pakai white shawl tu eh? i pun tgk iklan ni kt utube je jugak after all those controversy

K3vski said...

Wah super star, glamour lah! Nice ad! Selamat hari raya!

Fong said...

hehe.. u look nice =) saw the whole ad gak.. paling penting, u get paid.. hehe...

Dancing Ciken said...

u look great!

selamat hari raya reita & family!

reitak said...

ISabelle, hmmm the link i gave ni not working? the original link by TV3 has been removed.

Yatie, yup the white shawl tu.

Kev, no superstar la ;p thanks...back soon?

Fong, Jaja, thanks :)

It's all personal interpretation, I thought it was a creative ad albeit all the comments. And to all, Slamat Hari Raya!