Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hmmm...I've not really done a Raya post, so now Post-Raya? haha

Anyway, I wanted to ramble about clothing for kids. Raya is somewhat known for the fact that families tend to dress in similar colours and even same type of material for their clothings. So walk around, especially during the first day of Raya and you'll see mum and their daughters dress alike and the men in the family also dressed alike. For me, we only keep to the colour scheme. Same colour. My outfit can be of a different designed material from my lil girl's. As long as we keep to the colour :)

At this stage, with AIR1 and 2 at only 20 months and 3 months, respectively, I don't believe in wasting money getting tailor-made outfits for them. Hah, even the mummy also buys off-the-rack :) So what did I do? I bought 1 set for AIR1 after Raya last year, it was on sale and only cost me RM10. Yes, believe it. That doesn't even cover tailoring costs nowadays. Then for AIR2, we went on a last minute walkabout along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and found a shop also selling most of its toddler's outfits for RM10. So there you go! (before that, I was contemplating the one in Jusco/Parkson for RM40++ or so)

And last week, when most were still in the kampungs celebrating Raya, we were back in KL. Went 'shopping' and window shopping and found the baju kurung and baju melayu for kids were going at 70% off!! So what were we waiting for?? One each again and this will be for next year! haha Our theme for next year? Must follow the kids' lah.

Call me stingy, but I belief I was being thrifty and spending wisely...hehe in defense of the well-known 'Penang stinge-trademark' :)


yatie chomeyl said...

that's not stingy....that is wise ;)

reitak said...

Thanks Yatie, sementara the kids don't demand to their whims and fancy, kan? :)

isabelle said...

what? toddlers outfits at rm10?
bestnyaa..kedai mana tu?

reitak said...

there was a gerai in the midst of the mess in jln TAR...it was all going for RM10.

And in Jusco, it was at 70% discount so paid RM11.40 for it only ;p