Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raya 2010

Raya? Gosh, this year the mood hasn’t set in. I’ve no idea why.

Maybe cos my kids are not at the age yet to ‘know’ raya or perhaps because we’re just busy. But amidst all that, we managed to at least get baju raya for the two of them. :) Maybe because I won't be on leave for very long.

Alvina’s baju raya would probably be still wearable 6 months from now, and on the 1st day of Raya, even just wearing the top would be more than enough. Yeah, it’s THAT BIG! Hehe

Asrul’s baju raya, bought 6-7months ago was intended to be kept till this Raya! Hehe and luckily he can still fit into it, as I intentionally bought it 1 size larger.

Other than that? Mummy and Daddy will be ‘recycling’ baju raya, and all other accessories.

Packing? Usually I start 2-3 days ahead, to avoid forgetting anything, since having AIR, but this time, I’m leaving tomorrow, and I’ve not started! And talk about travelling with 2!! I’m sure the car will be filled to the max, and on the return, it will still be just as full, but now filled with Raya goodies.

Many seems to have left KL, looking at the traffic this morning and so I hope the journey back tomorrow night would be jam-free.

To all travelling this whole week, drive safely and Selamat Hari Raya!

And especially to Fong, expecting your new arrival at this point of time will surely be an exciting one! Safe delivery and Selamat Hari Raya to you too! Will visit you when I come back.
image - thanks to vectorise


oli said...

selamat hari raya buat reitak dan keluarga!!!
husband u orang mana? ada balik kampung?

reitak said...

husband i sama kg ngan u, Oli...kedah :)balik kedah then balik pg...then balik KL...:D