Monday, September 27, 2010

Newton 12/25km Challenge Kuala Lumpur

Finally, my first ever race report.

Also my first race/event since Desaru 2006!! Or ok, if you consider Terry Fox 2009 also can lah! ;p

I was excited (1st race in almost 4 years and 3 months post-partum) and worried (1st race with really NO training, hilly route, not sure if body and knee can take it) but I was looking forward to the grueling route and see if I can make a sort-of-come back!

During races, I normally have a toilet routine, and yes, it is literally a routine. So this time, I didn’t think I would have a routine. Haha I dunno why but before every race, I have to visit the toilet 3 times, no matter what I eat or do. So this time, thinking I may not experience the same effect, I left the house after session no.2. Boy was I wrong! Thank God calling no. 3 came as I was in the car park and I managed to run up just in time!

Ok, that aside. I was also worried about parking as recent stories about break-ins were rampant. I managed to park right beside the mosque’s entrance. I was surprised that the first person I met was Jaja. At slightly pass 6am we bumped into each other but she was getting ready for her 25km run at 0630.

So it felt like many other previous events, at the start, sometimes I’m alone. Saw some familiar faces, i.e. faces or people I know but not very close to (but you get to know them thru FB), so I didn’t go up to them. Gutsy Patsy was there and managed to chat with her.

Ok, back to the race. Started slow, but I was surprised to see seasoned runner starting really slow. Anyway, minding my own business I started at a pace I Was comfortable with. 1st hill was in sight and conquered. 2nd hill also conquered. 3rd slope (well it was a slope when I first saw it) was never ending. At the corner, this slope became a hill, and oh boy I was defeated. Tried as hard as I could to run/trot or whatever, just to avoid stopping, but I was defeated. So I did a walk/run/jog/walk routine up to almost the U-turn, which was still on the uphill! And after the U-turn and water station, the urge to stop and walk got very much stronger.

Fighting it, I only walked uphill when I really couldn’t take it (I felt like puking) or downhill when I sensed my knees were not happy. And so my pacing with a few ladies on the same route began. And then came a seasoned runner/triathlete whom I recognized, and I was thinking to myself, how come she’s so slow? She’s usually faster. Oh well, anyway I paced her, keeping her at a certain distance from me. This went on till the last 2 km where I really couldn’t take it anymore. I walked a lot more this time, and my run durations were much shorter and she was about 50m ahead by now. At approx 500-750m to the finish, I started running again slowly.

Bumped into Bandit and kept on running to the finish, but I felt really really horrible when I reached the finishing line. Kept walking and went looking for a drink. I don’t really remember how long I took, but I believe it was about 1hr 40 mins (because when I remembered to stop my stopwatch, it was already 1hr 50mins or so). Oh yes, snail pace it was!

All in all, the heat was unbearable and the route, I think if I had been training/running it would have been bearable, but not when I didn’t train at all. Knowing that I am 3 months post-partum coupled with zilch training, and with that, I was proud of my own achievement. (every race is my race against myself). No pressure, only to finish. No medals nevermind! :) I was fine.

I survived. My body felt like it went through a 21km run instead of just 12km. Post-run effects were much more like a longer race.

The best part of it all? Going home and having lil’ AIR run to you for a BIG HUG! Smelly, sweaty and all : )

On another note, my 2plus years absence from the circuit was an eye-opener. There were many ladies who donned the full headscarf running too. 2 -3 years ago, I only knew of 1 person who runs with that.


[-suziey-] said...

waaaa rajinnya bermarathon..hehe..bgs ni nk dpt figure balik..

Meng Yong said...

Way to go & welcome back...
Well Done & Congrats to conquer the so called " Ammah " Hill.

K3vski said...

Well done and welcome back :)

reitak said...

Thanks guys!
Kev, I'll have to restrain myself and stick to OD and short runs only. Knees not doing so well. :(

SUziey, more of nak maintain...tu yg susah bcos I ni suke je makan...:)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Well done, well done!
Tak cukup training pun boleh kaotim Kinrara hills... respect lah!

RaYzeef said...

Congrats..that was awesome run without training:)

Dancing Ciken said...

well done reita! after so long, finally i dapat jumpa personally dengan u. siap dengan hugs & muah muah lagi, hahaha

reitak said...

Thanks EnAikAY & RaYzeef :)

Jaja, yups! Think we last met masa Sukan Wanita triathlon kan? IT was probably 2007 I think. Hope to see u again!

Dancing Ciken said...

sukan wanita kat putrajaya rite?

i tak cam u lagi masa tu coz i was dehydrated, perut cramp & pening2 lalat

kolam cyberjaya, euwww!

reitak said...

Jaja, think Fong introduced us before the start kot.:)

Kolam? tasik ler...hehehe