Monday, April 11, 2011


For the first time, I'm going to Aquaria, and we brought the kiddos along too....

Well in actual fact we had free tickets to grandstand seats for the F1 race, but unfortunately it was last minute and we couldn't find anyone to help babysit. So we had to change plans and away to Aquaria we went. :)

AIR1 refused to budge when we were at the touch pool, though he wasn't interested in touching any of the sea creatures, he just wanted to observe. We were stuck there for a looong time. Took us ages to convince him there were more exhibits ahead.

When we reached 'gecko', same thing happened. He screamed and threw a tantrum when we tried to ask him to move along. He loved the otters and was amazed by all the fishes. Especially the Arapaima (Dragon Fish). He just stood there observing the 3 Arapaimas swimming, one looked as though he had a bad case of osteoporosis (all hunched).

As we went through the tunnel with the walk-a-lator, he was mesmerized, but refused to let me take a photo of him. We went through that twice. Coming out, AIR2 was sleepy and hungry so while I fed her, Daddy & AIR1 sat in front of the 'largest screen saver' where fishes were swimming 'inside'. A shark was sleeping at the side and AIR1 was kept busy trying to 'wake it up' while enjoying the antics of all the other fishes.

It was a loooong day but fun.

He wasn't in such a good mood as he was having slight flu, and we took turns carrying him. Oh boy! IT was quite a work out.

Now we postponed bird park, so perhaps that will be next.


isabelle said...

i might take some time to bring adam to see fish again. rasa mcm baru je pi langkawi last year.

jom jom..wkend ni pegi tateh playgroup pulak.

Fong said...

comelnyer both of them.. byknyer rmbut nana da.. hehe..