Monday, April 11, 2011

Kenyir oh Kenyir!

I was excited when registration for Kenyir Triathlon opened. I signed up immediately. That was almost 2+ months back and at the back of my mind, I'd think I would have time to train.

But hey, I've got to train all 3 disciplines...not just a 30min run every evening!! I thought I could do it.

Unfortunately, with my crazy work schedule, i.e. alot of travelling and slightly longer hours than usual, I didn't even have time for my 30min run!! Oh boy, was I in trouble or what? And yes, bout 2-3 wks before race day, I decided I was not ready. I cancelled my hotel booking and made arrangements for my race pack to be collected on my behalf. :(

yes, I was SAD. It was supposed to be my comeback race, knowing it was a tough route, I was determined to conquer it for the 3rd time. But it would be my first tri-race since 2006.

I guess I'll have to wait till next year for my next Kenyir. And thank God I didn't go as it rained the whole race and it would've been a horrible day as the kids had to stay in and hubby wouldn't have been too happy....I guess things did happen for a reason!



isabelle said...

semua yg berlaku ada hikmahnya kan?

Fong said...

hehe.. i agree =) mesti ade hikmah...

Dancing Ciken said...

agreed! i pun tak bawak family to kenyir, a bit sad but i made the right decision. next year ada lagi :D