Wednesday, April 6, 2011


No, no I've not...I've just been on the move alot!! Out at site, in and out of KL and when in the office, I'm just so bogged down with things to finish up! And this poor blog is neglected!! Took the kids for 'Rio!' screening! The tale of a flightless blue macaw, the last of its kind. Animated, 3D and it was really good. The best part was - both kids sat right through the show with no noise, no fuss all focussed on the show!! Lots of music and very captivating! AIR1 wanted his own 3D specs but didn't want to wear it. Thank goodness the cartoon didn't look totally blur like how it would on a normal 3D movie. Otherwise we'll probably be dizzy. After the movie, we wanted to extend his 'encounter' with birds by taking him to the bird park. Unfortunately he was very tired & cranky, and he fell asleep even before we existed the car park!! Can u imagine?? So it was homeward bound. Looks like another round of animated movie is possible! :)

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Fong said...

hehe.. u always have great activities for the kids =) cool parents..