Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sibu, 5 years on

*photos from here

I only arrived here at almost 10pm (by the time I got to the hotel) and here I am, reminiscing memories 5 years ago when I first came here as part of the Explorace event which I took part in.

It was Explorace 3 (yea the 3rd season). So far, what I've seen from the ride from the airport to the hotel, most have not changed, only additional commercial development. Airport is also under renovation and the hotel (Tanahmas) has also been renovated. Rooms are much better, but crappy TV channels. All sports and news channel from all over the place...no movies!! Arrrgh!

I can't wait to explore it tomorrow morning...


isabelle said...

never been there, but i bet mesti dah byk berubah kan

Fong said...

enjoy sibu!!! so nice to go everywhere. =)