Friday, April 1, 2011

One day out!

Guess where we're going?

Mummy, tak nak!! Keep the camera!

Erk, my son camera shy??


F1 driver in training?
Ice cream truck driver for a start also can.

It was a fun-filled day for him. AIR2 was not featured on as many rides but I guess she somewhat enjoyed it too. The cool air (abit too cold for her as she wasn't 100% well), the new environment and all that excitement.

It was a loooong day for them and AIR1 almost fell asleep in the cable car ride back. He hung on, until we reached the car.

The adults? watch them have fun and go with AIR1 for his rides! Hubby managed to sneak a ride for himself while we waited. the moment he went on his ride, AIR1 screamed as he wanted to go along.

Kenyir is now off as I'm not prepared to race. Next year perhaps.

Next road trip? still planning, but this Sunday will be a movie outing for all! Rio premier screening....I hope AIR1 will sit and watch and AIR2 will not make a fuss.

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Dancing Ciken said...

wah best nye. nasib baik dia tak gayat. best la your boy, very active like the mama la

dont la cancel desaru :(