Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AIR2's first birthday

Am still trying to figure out what and where shall I have this. Any suggestions? Having a DIY at home is no longer an option. With two in tow, its almost impossible, esp when AIR2 sticks to you like glue and demands attention.

Having said that, on the day of her birthday, Iwill be flying. :( Yeah, but at least I get to celebrate with her the night before and the morning itself. The party will be the weekend before...

Still cracking our heads to think of something!! HELP!


Dancing Ciken said...

yay! AIR2 dah nak masuk setahun. how about pot luck kat rumah, u pun tak perlu pening2 nak kena standby makan2

isabelle said...

potluck sounds good.
or go to any park la.eh, park kat mesia ni mcm kureng sesuwei due to the hot weather lah

Fong said...

hehe.. pot luck pun nice.. i was about to say catering at ur house/pool.. big party ke small?? if all kids, ble buat kat kfc, or mcD.. tp, tak healthy sket lar..

yatie chomeyl said...

elmo theme

reitak said...

Thanks for the suggestions...:)

Pot luck sounds good but am not sure how well it will go down with some of my Chinese friends...but then again..why not, kan?

I might end up the easier way out - McD ;p

Yatie, her fav is Mickey for now :)