Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Half of Ramadhan is over!

I barely have time to do anything at home during the fasting month.

Sadly the routine has been - feed the kids, break fast (or concurrently), rest a while (20-30mins depending on what permits) and then AIR1 and AIR2 will make sure you are part of their games, or TV/DVD watching sessions. This goes on till 1030 - 11pm on most days and even almost 12midnight on occasionally days where AIR2 refuses to sleep.

Adoi...on the other hand, am looking forward to waking up at 4am, spin and then sahur. After 16 days, I've only done that twice. Resorted to sahur then run at 715am instead. Consistent but I just don't have enough time to run more than 4km each session. Does not help in improving my stamina. But I guess its better than nothing :)

the huge butterfly which visited us on the 14th day of Ramadhan....as much as both of them like watching it, they were afraid of getting close to it

AIR2 at 14 months

And today is one of the rare days where they're asleep by 10am (we were on the way back home) hence I have some time to do my work.

Noticed that I've also been slacking at posting pictures. I guess handling 2 fellas while eating or doing something occupies us. And I tend to forget. Not to forget my 'diva' son who dislikes to be photographed. :)

Selamat menyambut Nuzul al-Quran!

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