Monday, August 1, 2011


Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends.

Please forgive me if I would have been harsh in my postings/comments in this blog or yours or even in our meetings.

Hope this month will bring allow us to know Him better and make us a better person.

I'll try to forget the past, but somehow 'forgive and forget' is easier said than done. Everytime Ramadhan comes, it brings back memories. Memories of which I do hope to erase forever but it never gets done that way. It just haunts me more.

Maybe Ramadhan this year will be the beginning of something better?

Selamat bersahur & berbuka! :)


isabelle said...

ramadhan mubarak 2u, reita.
hope it's a meaningful one.

reitak said...

THanks Is...same to you & family too!

Dancing Ciken said...

salam ramadhan to u & family, semoga amalan di bulan mulia diberkati, insyallah (macam ayat dalam kad raya plak) hihi