Thursday, August 11, 2011

Want not, waste not during Ramadhan....

From my personal point of view, there are a lot of wastage during the month of Ramadhan. Why do I say so?

1. Majority of the people who fast would at least take-away (tapau-lah) from the Bazaar every evening. Some a few items, some just one or two but how many actually carry their own recycle bags or reusable containers? If lucky, maybe a handful, otherwise none at all. Plastic and Styrofoam waste are generated, and in large quantities too.

2. Food – all that we buy from the Bazaar or even from the buffets we go or get-togethers, sometimes go unfinished. Organic waste.

3. Buffets – is so common during Ramadhan nowadays. And they don’t come cheap. A decent one in a relatively decent hotel may cost from RM50 and above. Some go up to RM100+. Some eateries/restaurants offer buffet too and are not that cheap. And how many times a week do you frequent these places? That compared to normal non-fasting months of the year. Some don’t even go to a buffet at all until the fasting month. And how much do you actually eat which is of that value? Waste of money!

But seriously, don’t you think so? The month of Ramadhan has become so commercialized. Now I wish people would realize this and save the environment. Their pockets – I don’t care, but the poor environment gets an additional influx of waste one month a year.

Sadly, I am one of the contributors too, especially when hub does the tapau-ing. But I’ve always got my reusable containers and bags ready! :)

Anyone has a trend to share?


yatie chomeyl said...

luckily there's no bazaar ramadhan at all here. if not I might be the one who will also contribute to the waste(s) as u mentioned in this entry.

I'm hoping more people will read this entry and contribute more for a better environment,Insya Allah

reitak said...

Thanks Yatie, cos I've been observing it and there's really alot. Yup, save mother nature!