Monday, August 8, 2011

The weekend that wasn't :)

All systems were set to go. Plan was to wake up at 4am on Saturday, train, sahur then maybe squeeze a short run before the anticipated time AIR would wake up. Unfortunately things were not as ideal.

Woke up at 4am. As I was gettin ready, AIR stirred at 410 asking for me and his blanket. Then I made him milk hoping he will sleep. After finishing the milk, he started to chat with me. Oh dear, I knew that spelt trouble. I coaxed him to sleep promising to take him for a swim later after he sleeps. But no.

445 and seems like my plans are already down the drain. Went to reheat some food and made drinks for sahur and he sat with us. Refusing to sleep. After sahur, I tried again, hoping I'd at least get to run. No way he was backing down.

He did his big business, saw a firefly and got daddy to catch it for him and I don't remember how long it was as I eventually dozed off. And he woke me up again at 730am. I doubt he actually slept.

Sunday was a different story as I slept late and 4am was impossible. And of course while waiting for the sky to brighten a lil, proved much difficult without caffeine. Lesson learnt for next weekend.

Was a glorious Mon as I managed to spin. And now I await the evening for a short miserable run. :)


Dancing Ciken said...

wow 4am! for me, that would be impossible! AIRs please be good to mommy k. happy training & try to get a good sleep

BB Luvs Me said...

nice reading ur blog!!!

The BBLM Team

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reitak said...

Jaja, wat to do...dah no choice ;(

BBLM, thanks!