Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's for sahur?

Running out of ideas. I'm the no-fuss,no-frills-type during sahur....Laziness personified ;p

For the first week, I had roti jala almost every morning. 2nd week, I continued but on certain days there was fried bihun or just egg sandwich. And now, running into the 3rd calender week, I'm out of ideas. I even had just vege yesterday morning with 1 slice of bread. I guess I couldn't sustain on roti jala because the quality of the curry which comes with it just deteriorated as the days went by. Alternative curry was not easily accessible hence I just stopped.

Siu mai which I had 2 days back was superb. Too bad today we didn't go to the TTDI bazaar so no supply :(

Now what shall I have tomorrow? Tempted to cook spagethi tonight but then AIR2 suddenly awakens and now I'm stuck. Oh that for the weekend perhaps.


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