Monday, August 22, 2011

How to wake up early?

Eversince the mobile phone with alarm was available, I've stopped using the 'traditional' alarm clock. And that has been my loyal device until AIR2 came along. More like until the last few months.

AIR2 used to awaken at about 5am plus for her morning feed, and she's my alarm every weekday. I've had occasions when I over-used the snooze button until I was almost late, but my 'reliable alarm' AIR2 never fails to alert me right on time. But of course there are occasions when her 5am was 3am instead cos the night was cold and of course the lil' tummy got hungrier faster.

During the month of Ramadhan, she wakes up approximately an hour earlier. Now is that plain coincidence or she just wants to remain being my ever-reliable 'live' alarm?

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