Saturday, October 15, 2011

16 months

At 16 months (technically another 9 days to go), AIR2 still has 2 front teeth only!! hehehe but if you watch her eat, you'd never think that was the case. She eats almost everything you give her. Rice, noodles, chicken, vege, porridge, fruits, cereal etc but of course most will be cut to smaller pieces. She is eating more that AIR1. She can finish her portion and his too! :D

Not too stable yet in the walking department. Started walking only at 15 months. On the 2nd day she walked confidently, came back from the bbsitter and she started to try to kick a small ball. Boy oh Boy!! Must've seen those boys (and her brother) do it so often that she was just too excited to wait till later.

And like all other toddlers who have just started to walk, she refuses to be guided or to hold her hands, particularly when we are out of the house. She doesn't mind walking holding hands at home :P

She has started to hum to our singing (many months back), follow and try to pronounce the word correctly when read to, especially numbers 1-10 in Malay & English. I was amused when I first heard it. Now can't wait for her to be pronouncing properly.

And like her brother, she too loves to bully me. I have to reprimand her 3 times before she stops doing it, but her daddy has to just go 'hermmmmph' in a stern voice and she stops in her tracks.

Oh well. They grow up too fast....or it is because time pasts too fast? :D ;p


isabelle said...

why ehh still two?
adib dah 6 teeth (plus taring baru nak tumbuh).

Dancing Ciken said...

at least she can hummm, pippi still cant talk but she can make sounds when i ask her how eg cat, motor, berak!!! hahaha