Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali!!

Inspired by the Mount KK Climbathon. Wanted to register for this year's edition because it was close to my birthday and I thought it would've been a good family getaway, but I didn't. Fearing laack of training (which is awfully true) and of course trying to get the two kids along is quite tough especially when at a place where things may not be as convenient as back home.

So with serious lack of training and serious gainning of fat layers, I need to put in some decent milleage. Or perhaps the easiest would be to cut out/off those malaysian breakfast!! Crap! Control measures should be in plaace by Nov 2011! :)

In the meantime....PJ Half marathon will be a challenge. I wonder what kind of miserable timing would I be clocking?

And that;s a pre-emp for PBIM!!

Happy Deepavali folks!

In conjunction with that, lets hope I get to put in a minimum of 10km tomorrow morning!

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