Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alone with AIRs

It's whole 4 day of me alone with the kids, over the weekend too.

The 'problem' with this equation is, whenever four of us (hub, AIR1 and AIR2 and I) are together, AIRs will bully me. Yes....literally bully. So I anticipated a horrific, tiring, stressful weekend.

It started since Thursday night and today, Saturday night and suprisingly, all seems well. I was totally worried Sat would be hell. But AIR1 was well behaved, aside from 2 outbursts of stubborn-ness, which was expected of him as he was sleepy, everything was pretty much under control. Even managed to cook proper dinner for them, despite having to scream a couple of times as they invaded the kitchen and made it their playground.

AIR2 was very sticky to me. But it was merely because she was tired and refused to sleep. Now what else is new? ;p

I was amazed that AIR1 was so good to AIR2 the whole day, especially in the morning.

Now I shall see what happens tomorrow.

And on Mon, AIR1 will be going for trial kindy classes. I hope he'll be ok with it.

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