Friday, October 14, 2011

Cheap vege up for grabs!


Do you notice that most Tesco's will have a rack filled with vege which are already in not such good condition? Well, it's bundled up and perhaps its good to consume within the day or maybe 10% from the pack/bundle are not too fresh anymore. Well, I noticed they used to have that racked filled with almost rotten fruits and it really put me off.

OK, perhaps it was my bad and those fruits might have been lying there more than 1 day. I have recently been going to 'view that rack' to look for those prepacked salads which go for 20-30% of their original price. At RM7-9 per pack originally, am getting them for below RM2 now. And most are still in good and very fresh condition.

I do not have any idea when they usually bring this rack out, but I think those old ladies do. And they must have been waiting for it cos when I coincidentally went there, the racks were full and all the ladies were fighting/grabbing what they could. Luckily they were not 'fighting' for those salad packs. They were fighting for the local variety of vege.

Now I wonder if they (Tesco & the ladies) do that at a certain time everyday. It was quite amusing watching them after I picked my pack of salad. The type I got today wasn't my fav, but better than nothing I suppose.

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