Monday, December 1, 2008

All the Glitz and Glam

The 2nd Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival wasn't so great to begin with. In comparison with Anugerah Skrin, in my personal opinion. Although the KLIFF was more grand, as it had international artistes, presenters and films competing with each other, not to mention Ministers and Delegates from all over the world, perhaps that was why it wasn't as great. Everything had to be kept formal.

Thank goodness for the performances in between which kept me alive and waiting for more. Although it was mentioned that there were 191 participants in the KLIFF, out of which there were only a handful which were nominated repeatedly for the various awards. Were the others totally out of the league of these few? Funny, to think of it. Anyway, I'm no expert in this field so I just took it in as pure 'entertainment'.

Everyone there were by invitation only. So the crowd was 'less happenning'. The opening act by Datuk Siti was splendid and the finale by Ning Baizura was no less. I enjoyed Point Blank's performance of 'I am Warrior' (or something which sounds like that) the song was superb and they had a small martial arts troupe as their dancers. IT was entertaining. It was interesting to note that when Ning belted out a medley of songs from the 007 series, 'junior' was also enjoying the music, kicking to every base beat. That and the medley of songs from Mamma Mia did 'wake' him up. The rest were pretty mild movements which didn't 'attract' my attention.

I love Sarimah's outfit (other than the puffed sleeves she had) and her wit on and off stage.

That was the highlight of Saturday...and Sunday began with a day filled with spending.

Warehouse sale was our first stop after brunch. It was stuff for junior. Then after some 'light entertainment' of badminton at home, we headed of to more shopping, this time the pasar malam and then the hypermarket. It's been awhile since we spent so much at one go at the hypermart. 'Stocking' up I suppose.

tired from all the shopping...

Weird tummy this morning makes things worse. I just don't get it. AFter brekkie, I just want something sweet, and since milo is out, I'll wait till later to have a biscuit or cookie. But today is just weird. I really dunno what to do. Just let my tummy rumble a bit once in a while, while I soothe it with plain water. If I take coffee or milo, the next thing would be me running to you-know-where. So there's just no point.


Another slow week ahead albeit some work already assigned to me. Boring! :p

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