Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bloggivesary Contest.....finally...

Finally the result is out!

In view that it was only a short time…plus tak ramai managed to take part, sorry I couldn’t extend the date in view of the expiry of the voucher, so I’m happy to announce that the winner for this contest goes to….

The blog post


Please email me your details so I can forward it to you!

Have fun shopping!

Will see what I can do for another contest, perhaps much later….


yatie chomeyl said...

tenkiu2x...gonna make sure it'll be a perfect gift for my MIL ;)

Atiqah said...


kakyong said...

Mommy SN,
tahniah... kena tumpang sikit luck yatie nih... hehehh :D

kev said...

Eh, didn't know you had a blog. I just 'stumbled' here, through someone else's blog link.

Hehheh, a bit too late for me to join the contest. Congrats to the winner.

How are you, Reita?

reitak said...

Thanks for taking part everyone!! :D

Kev...another contest next time la :D