Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Walking yet?

*Thank God for friends who are concerned.* You know who you are....

On 19th July 2009, finally we bought AIR a walker and he tested it. It was hilarious – he kept moving sideways and when he just couldn’t reach or get what he wanted, he cried out in frustration. I guess he enjoyed his ‘new found freedom’. Prior to getting him the walker, I bought another contraption (konon wanted to avoid buying the walker la, and save money, end up buying eOfxtra contraption), which looked like a puppeteer device. Well, imagine the seat of the walker, strapped stringed into one handle, so instead on having to bend down to assist your lil’ one when he’s trying to walk, u just have to hold this device (I’ll try to upload a pic)….so he looked like a puppet…hehe but ended up, we used it as a swing and he loved it.

So that was the walker-experience.

Of late, he keep wanting attention and has difficulty trying to sleep. Well, everytime when he’s sleepy, he will make such a fuss and takes forever before we finally put him to sleep.

This morning, he woke up for his feed at 430am (or was it 4am?) and after feeding, he refused to sleep. He continued playing with his musical mobile & toy in his cot and oh boy, now hubby thinks we should ‘silent’ the mobile. Hehe I think by the time he slept again, it was probably 5am already. I didn’t bother to check as I don’t want to know how soon after I had to wake up. J and he was awake again at his usual wake-up-time, by about 620am!! Can u imagine?

Neways, thank God I’m preoccupied with work, otherwise I’ll be dozing off by now…

Out of curiosity – if there is an option of having a live-in help (be it maid or nanny, assume its local and not a foreigner) or to send daily to the nursery/babysitter, which would you prefer


Fong said...

contraption tu ape? hehe, my crutch ble aid walking gak, huhu.. touchwood...

isabelle said...

usually walker will not be used for so long.
some say using walker would not help the baby strengthen their feet. whatever.

wait until he gets his first bike. eh..is it called a bike?
that thing the toddler sits on and move it with their own feet?

haha.i forgot the name.