Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Headache, neckache, bikeache?


I've got this weird headache cum neckache since yesterday evening. Goodness knows how I got it and I thought I could sleep the neckache off after some light massage (Erm more like pressing at the pressure points) by myself.

How wrong was I! I woke up to the ever existing neck ache again this morning....and now at about lunch time, my headache is back. Its on my right temple area. Yesterday I thought it was due to my contact lenses so went home, I immediately removed it. Alamak, still there....tido, wake up this morning...gone, for a while, but came back when I was getting ready....aiyoooooo wats this la??


hope it goes off later today....or maybe I could run it off? kekekekek I'd love that!!

And when I was reaching my place last night, I bumped into a cyclist....rupe2nya, this guy lives in my area!! hmmm now i need to find out which block - ya la, cycle up the slope sure slower than my car to wait n see....kekeke so looks like I found some 'kakis' ....just that he looked fast...(slim, trim and got the whole outfir going)....tunggu la till I start and gain my stamina and speed then baru can join other people. hehehe

The approach to my place has got 1 steep hill....there are two ways, which we call it the front route or the rear route, and both, 1 steep slope...only difference is 1 is longer and the other shorter but slightly more inclined. Now I'm beginning to imagine what would happen if I take the bike out and I need to ride up that slope. Arrrrgh!!

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