Friday, July 31, 2009

Cooking 1,2,3

I suddenly had the urge to cook.

That was last week, though. haha

So, first it was my 2nd attempt at cooking porridge for my son. Yes, 2nd attempt only. Lazy la. But then, since I discovered that he likes my 2nd version better, and he gets really hungry without his dose of porridge for lunch daily, I've decided that I will have to cook during the weekends for him now. What to do....:D

And so, from porridge it went to grilled lamb, and subsequently choc cupcakes, which later turned out to be more like brownies...hmmmm

now I think the bug has hit me!! hahaha but my cupcakes no sambutan la, hubby is not a cake person, and I'm too ashamed to give it to friends at its a bit more chewy, i.e. like, I shall try to improve it this week!! keke

photos still not downloaded, so i think i'll post it up in a totally different post....

Right now, I'm excited bout the porridge I'm gonna make tonight/tomorrow. :D hahaha

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