Friday, July 31, 2009

Window shopping...NOT!


I was on half day leave this morning. I had something to do. Then, since it is friday, it is also our (hubby & I) nasi briyani day. Well, there's this stall in the mosque which sells superb and cheap briyani. So, while waiting for hubby to finish meeting, I went to One Utama. And my goodness - my intention to just waste time and walk about, ended up with me being some RMxxx poorer...hehehe

Got AIR some clothes (erm, for chinese new year, mind you. Since for raya already bought ma, so I bought larger sizes to keep till next yr) - really cheap, and some stuff for myself. Too bad I couldn't find anything for hubby. haha terrible....It was only less than 2 hours and gosh!! I'm shocked!

so this weekend, I shall refrain from shopping or going to shopping complexes...but how? There's the Pureen Warehouse sale in PJ which I want to go check out....

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yatie chomeyl said... time dont go for eating out at shopping mall to avoid this kind of "ooopppss situation" to occur again in the future ;)