Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Nursery Ran Away!

Looks like this blog has been really neglected. When I went to Fong’s blog I realized it’s been 3 weeks since my last update. Aiyo….actually I do miss blogging…

Nothing much has happened, actually not really….many things have happened but it just seemed not that interesting. Haha I just don’t know what I’m rambling about.

One week ago, the nursery sort of ‘absconded’. Yeah, the person running the nursery was without help. For perhaps almost one month plus. Since November to be exact. She claimed she will be getting help in December, cos in end Nov, a different lady was there for a couple of days, but unfortunately December came and the lady was not there. So hubby and I decided that we should look elsewhere. One person with 3 babies and 4 toddlers (3-5 year olds) is not easy. I’ve seen the toddlers who were eager to help, but that’s just not right.

AIR is happy there….he enjoys the presence of the husband of that lady…and he seems to be doing fine. We were reluctant to move him away but I think it calls for the best move.

Ok, the story was about the absconding. Hehehe so I was away at site one Monday slightly more than a week back and suddenly at night, going for dinner I receive an sms saying the lady has fallen and hurt herself and will not be able to run the nursery the next day. Called hubby and we were both left in a lurch. Thank God my aunt was available and she took him in the next day. And for the next 2 days. On Tuesday, I sent a text message to both the lady and her husband but no replies. Called the lady on her handphone and it was switched off. Call the husband and it wasn’t answered. And I thought to myself that this is getting suspicious.
All I wanted to know was when will the nursery be operational again and how was that lady. So I asked hubby to call the next day and by now, the husband’s phone was also switched off. Crap!

We were due to go back to Penang for the long weekend, and mum has made arrangements to come over to help temporarily. Thank God.

And almost one week later, two days ago, hubby called the husband one night and he answered. Now he says the decision will only be made in another couple of days and if they nursery will cease operation, they will refund. Yesterday evening the husband called me and told me that they will resume operations on Wednesday. His wife is still not able to run the show but he has solicited his sister’s help to assist.

And we still hang on the decision to shift to a different nursery. We’re beginning to lose trust in them.

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