Monday, October 26, 2009

Food-laden weekend

Weekend on 24th-25th Oct and all we did was eat.

On 24th, we finally set foot at the SS2 eat-all-you-can durian stall. RM9 per pax and fruits were good. But, if you’re not game for stuffing yourself stupid with durians, then its not worth it. Go for the individual fruits or the rm10 for 3.

We had almost 7 fruits, 1 huge one was tasteless and hard and had that changed and that didn’t count. I think if we sat there longer and hubby hasn’t given up, I’d probably be able to down 2 smaller ones. Anyway, we stopped and decided to go window shopping to ‘work it all out’! hehe and all the while, lil’ AIR was sound asleep, there was a slight breeze and amidst the durian aroma.

The next day, it was another day of eating. We planned to have buffet dinner at Kites Restaurant in Holiday Inn Glenmarie. AIR was really tired but refused to sleep. We were already at the area, but he was still tossing and turning in his seat and we decided to drive a little more cos we were still early, anyway. And few seconds later, he dozed off. And so we went for our dinner sans disturbance.

Nice ambience but (not my first time at the place, but first in this restaurant)….the moment we went in;

1. I told waitress I made reservations already, the foreigner-waitress asks me to wait and she was supposed to get her supervisor, but instead she never came back, but another waiter (local) from the other direction comes to assist. Then he discovers that there was no reservation under my name!! Luckily restaurant not full. Table easily available, otherwise I’d have exploded!

2. Asked that same waitress what was it outside (there was BBQ) and she couldn’t even answer. That same waiter answered on her behalf. So I asked if it was included. Mana tau, maybe different package.

3. Luckily when I asked if coffee & tea are served with the buffet she could answer.

Otherwise, the food wasn’t too bad, but the variety was much less than I expected. However, it was indeed filling and delicious. We had our fill. Really full to the brim.

On another note, the service at that hotel has particularly deteriorated with these foreigners around. I’m surprised that the hotel doesn’t bother to train them, or do they, but these people are just slow learners?

1. When I made my reservations, the person at the restaurant who took my call was a foreigner. When I asked if buffet dinner was available on Sunday (it was Saturday when I called), she told me to hold the line. When I said I wanted to make reservations, she did the same, and in the background she was asking someone local, presuming her supervisor. And why didn’t this local lady just take the line? And she had to stop twice while taking my details because she forgot what else to ask and when I prompted her for the price, she didn’t know either. My question is – isn’t this bad reputation for the hotel? Why aren’t they properly trained before being placed in the front-line servicing? Luckily I was in a good mood and she was polite. Otherwise I’d have given her a piece of my mind.

2. Couple of weeks back, we attended a wedding dinner there. It’s a 1Malaysia wedding, so though food is halal, there was alcohol served. And I think these waitresses/waiters should be thought how to identify, if not ask in general first before going around asking Muslims if they wanted wine. Those young and open-minded would be able to shrug it off giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are foreigners, but what about the Pak Hajis and gang and those who were not so open-minded who were there? They were definitely offended. Somehow the waitress came to me and apologized, but hey, out of a table of 10, only me? What about the rest? And how many took the initiative like her?

I am indeed very disappointed with this place. For its lousy service. Wait, I’ll be there again early next year, and I’ll see how it goes.


isabelle said... bad!
if it was me, i might fill in a complaint form before leaving.

re the wedding, memang buta perut betul diorg ye?ntahapahapa.

Fong said...

sapa punya wedding? hehe, i think i will not go there anymore, mahal N no good service..