Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It’s amusing when we play with him now. He’s really entertaining. Other than the fact that he sometimes refuses to sleep, when he’s already so sleepy, otherwise he’s just a very happy baby. Thank God.

Now he entertains my mum by blowing his toy trumpet. He will do it with a ‘suck and blow’ action. It’s funny how he puffs up his cheeks and then blows it all out, with all his might. At 5-6 months old, he didn’t take interest in the piano. Now sit him in front of the piano and he will bang away.

He imitates almost everything we teach him. He ‘sayang’ the cat in the picture book but not the peacock. (that we didn’t teach, we only thought him to identify) He has two of those Jusco bears, 1 small vibrating bear and 1 slightly larger Farley bear but sheds its fur. He’s taken no interest in the Jusco bears but loves to ‘sayang’ the small vibrating bear and the bear which is shedding fur. So now, the bear shedding fur is kept away from him. He loves the really tiny Garfield soft toy too. I wonder where he learnt to ‘sayang’ the toys….

His antics are really cute. To us, at least. hehe


Fong said...

comel nyer mamat tu.. hehe.. manje toll

isabelle said...

xde ke gmbr dia 'sayang' those things?

CatlinaFly said...

hi..dropping by back.. :)