Thursday, December 24, 2009

TwoPixels Photography Anniversary Giveaway

TwoPixels Photography is giving away a free photo session to 3 lucky bloggers, each worth RM450 to commemorate its 1st Anniversary!

When I read bout this, I was excited. Yes, many people out there, including me love freebies…and what more, I’ve been thinking of a family portrait session for a long time, but decided only perhaps after No. 2 comes along.

Looking at the photos posted on TwoPixels site, made me think that I should have done a photo shoot previously, while preggy and when baby was just born. I especially love the photos of the newborn aptly categorized as 'pixels out of the oven'. They were just so adorable...

The one and only photo shoot we had been a studio shoot when AIR (his acronym) donned a peapod costume. Perhaps it’ll be a good time now, cos at 11.5 months old, lil’ AIR loves to pose for the camera with a variety of smile and cheeky grins, AND I’m ¼ of the way with No. 2 now! Not very visible, but perhaps not long after it’ll be…

Now, I just hope that I’ll be one of the lucky 3….

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