Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Introducing 'Poppy'

Poppy (I certainly am not sure how it’s supposed to be spelt, but for now, I shall leave it as it is, until AIR learns how to spell and if he decides otherwise) is a brownish stuffed puppy/dog recently added to the ‘family’. The funny thing was, when we first saw it and handed to AIR, he took to it immediately and when we gave him other options, he just didn’t want the others. Not even the more dog-like stuffed dog or the stuffed cat.

I wasn’t even sure why it was called Poppy but out of the blue daddy just went ‘poppy’ to him and so Poppy just stuck. I guess having one as ‘Puppy’ –the hush puppy toy is enough and we shouldn’t confuse the lil’ boy…hence ‘poppy’. Hehehe not very creative but it’s ok la.

Few days later, only did I discover that Poppy has actually got 1 ear and 1 leg longer than the other.
Hahaha….nevermind, it IS still the much loved stuff dog for AIR.So now the other 2 stuffed toys have taken a seat back, though he still does like them, but Poppy have seemed to have won his heart….for now.


Fong said...

hehe, one ear longer not bcoz got pulled by air yek? hehe..

reitak said...

hahaha...fortunately not...:)