Monday, December 28, 2009

Alvin, Simon & Theodore

They were my favourite when I was young. I'll never miss any episode. I used to record every episode, back then it was via the VCR. Hmmm, come to think of it, I may even still have copies of it stored back home in Penang. The now unused VCR is also somewhere in the store...I wonder if it is still function-able?

Anyways, now this is the sequel we're talking about...the movie!

All set and planned for Alvin & the chipmunks 2 at 9.20pm on Christmas eve. Reached the cinema at about 9.15pm and while hub was queuing for snacks and as he took out the tickets from his pocket (bought the day before), we realized it said ’11.20pm’!! Oh No! how could this be? He happily thought he got the 9.20pm tickets yesterday without realizing the attendant at the counter issued the wrong one. So what did we do?

We decided to walk around and waste 2 hours…when 5 minutes into it, we thought we’d try to watch another movie. Then suddenly I suggested why don’t we try and see if we can get the tickets for the already showing 9.20pm show? And so we managed….hahaha finally. Otherwise poor mum will have to wait a little longer for us to get back home. This sequel is better than the first – more entertaining!

And then I digress....

But I noticed, it’s really weird. It’s already showtime, so by then , if reserved tickets were not taken, it would have been released. And so on the ticketing screen, it would appear not taken. But when we were trying to change out tickets, it seemed like the cinema was full to the brim, but in actual fact, when we went in, it wasn’t. There were so many empty seats in front of us, the same row as ours, but on the ticketing screen, it appeared as though our 2 seats were only available in that particular ‘zone’.

Also, prior to that, I tested out the new TGV e-ticketing system. It was really strange also. There was a ‘pay later’ option and another option to pay via credit card. So, since I was just trying it out, I choose the ‘pay later’ option, where I will pay when collecting the tickets only. (essentially this was identical to the one used by Cathay Cineplexes which I used to book couple of years ago) However, this time, it was really strange. ‘Pay later’ customers have seats on a different ‘block’ while ‘paid’ customers have seats on another block. ‘Paid’ customers have seats further from the screen while the former is nearer to the screen. The ‘strange’ thing I was trying to highlight was that when it came to choosing my seats, and confirming, the block which I was assigned to is already full but yet they kept asking me to choose my seat. HOW?? My assigned seats were not even shown? Now,

1. I tried to click on empty seats on a different ‘block’ but I wasn’t allowed.
2. I clicked on ‘next’ to proceed to getting my reservation number, but wasn’t allowed. I was told to choose my seats.
3. Now, how silly can this get?
4. I proceeded to ‘change selection/showtime’ then only it was ok. Funny.

Shouldn’t it naturally just say that the reservation is full and ask customers to choose different time slots/ shows?

Anyway, go watch this!! It's really entertaining!


isabelle said...

hahaha. malaysian system is weird!

when i wanted to watch Princess & the Frog that day, the screen showed FULL. but i just uttered at the counter "alaa...yg tu dah penuh ye?"

in fact, x penuh pun lagi. so, dpt la 2seats. and it wasnt the row nearest to the screen pun!

reitak said...

weird kan....tak paham la...