Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blogging and Photography

I've noticed this - generally most bloggers are into photography. This does not necessarily mean they are doing photography to generate income, but what I mean is that they at least do have some sort of interest in photography.

Why is that?


Nothing specific realating to my question but its just an observation. Perhaps I'm the only one into it ;p hence I always have half-past-six photos :)


Anonymous said...

from what i read, for a woman (sejak dr zaman 50s) there will be a phase in their life they will be very interested in photography. kalau dia pursue, usually they will be a pro at it, but most just made it as a lifetime hobby.

overall (men+women), the result from the photography is how we share our experience & feelings... sort of a bond. some do use it to show off. :P

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Actually kan, it's just to add the number of words inside our blog lah. People say a picture says a thousand words kan? So.. baru la berbaloi tulis blog bila ada beribu2 perkataan.. kilometrico!!!!

Fong said...

haha.. ade org tak pernah post gambo makanan.. mesti da abis mkn baru tringat tangkap gambo..

reitak said...

Mama-Miya, oh yeke? hmmm then I guess my blog-photography conclusion mmg betul la..sebab I read alot of mama-blogs kan?
oh well, I'm an exception ;p haha

EnAikAY, hahha yah betul betul...

Fong, tapi its only because I'm not a terror-photographer ;p so better take when the plate's empty so ppl don't see my pathetic skills :)