Monday, December 13, 2010

What to do with 2?

this was the moment of desperation when AIR2 'stole' AIR1's pacifier because he was quite tired. Pretending to read the flyer (not seen)

I’ve been recently asked this many times recently – ‘How do you handle your two kiddos when you go out? What if you are alone?’ due to the fact that they are only 1.5 yrs apart.

When I was pregnant the 2nd time, I was already starting to think of a ‘twin-stroller’. The one where either both can sit side by side or one in front of the other. And now 5.5 mths after giving birth to AIR2, I’m still stuck with 1 stroller. (But I’m still looking for 1 jogger or such to take them running with me)

So how do I handle both? If I’m at a shopping place with trolley facilities, AIR2 sits in her baby car seat and I plop her ‘on the trolley’ while AIR1 sits on where the seat on the trolley is, as in the photo. Now if there’s no trolley? Then it’s only a short trip out and AIR1 walks while I carry AIR2. Though I used to sling her, but now she’s quite rebellious at times.

But how do I handle AIR1 while I have to carry AIR2? I believe it’s how we talk to the toddler. Many will say they won’t listen and will always have a mind of their own. Indeed they do. But if everytime we give in to their whims and fancies, then that is how they will behave. AIR1 used to refuse to hold our hands while walking. Now he finds it a thrill to be able to walk and on his left is daddy while on his right is mummy. He insists, even though my hands are full, and I offer him my pants, he still wants my finger, at least. (I was very delighted when this happened)

It takes a lot of patience and scream-enduring time in the beginning, but in the end its worth it. He used to scream when forced to sit in the stroller. He screamed when asked to sit in the trolley, but now he’s ok with both, though once in a while, he’ll want to come out. Negotiate with the toddler.

I believe it will work because I’ve seen how AIR1 changed from being rebellious and always screaming to a happy-to-listen-and-follow kid. (except when he is all tired and sleepy ;p) Not that I’m very experienced or perfect in this case, but I think it would work. Just takes patience. But somehow Daddy seems to be the bad-guy so far ;p He just takes longer to comply to my requests or reprimands :)


ajjah said...

reita the supermom

isabelle said...

same here.i just turn into 'hulk' whenever he refused to listen to me, but still he favors me. haha

now i wish adam will behave sooo well when the baby is out

reitak said...

ajjah, :) don't think so lah...still so much to learn ;p

isabelle, he will after 2-3 mths :) before that, just bear with his adjustments.

Anonymous said...

thumbs up Reita. that's the way to boost their development -- making sure that they can communicate with parents and adults alike in a mature way..! kalau kita dok jerit, dia akan 10x ganda rebel !!! missjewelz for reita da mum !! :) p.s. i tak pernah jumpa both ur kids :)

Fong said...

hehehe.. comel2.. dasat lar.. =) hehe, gune yg tali strap tu, put oon AIR1, if he wants.. huhu.. yup, nak suh hub jadi bad cop lar.. =)

Dancing Ciken said...

kalau i jadi u, confirm pengsan terus kalau dua2 menjerit, hihi

eh kalau u jumpa jogger, let me know. i pun tengah carik satu walaupun menteri kewangan tak bagi. its for our own good what