Thursday, December 30, 2010

30th Dec 2010

Alaaaa the title not glamourous enough lah... but anyway, today the atmosphere everywhere is about football and new year and of course, public holiday tomorrow! Yippeee! For someone who was going to work 'diligently' until new year, this came as a really good news!

But then, holiday so now what should I do? Sleep in? Don't even dare think about it! AIR1 will be awake latest by 730am, if I'm lucky (no matter what time he goes to bed the previous night) so if I think I want extra snooze time, hub will have to wake up early.

I never watch Malaysian football, but yesterday was totally different. Still stuck in the jam due to heavy rain, I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would reach home in time to watch it. Alas, when I actually settled what I had to do it was 30mins into the 1st half.

Already past AIR1's bedtime and still no signs of him wanting to zzzz but already very tired, I asked him if he wanted to sleep yet. No! OK lah, I happily watch the match till the end!

Wasted-lah. We should've won even playing on foreign land. Then it will prove to people that we are not just 'juara kampung' (local champions). But anyhow, the cup is ours after 14 years!

Go Harimaus! 2010 will be a year many Malaysians will remember for many years to come!

I hope my 'uhuk-uhuk-uhuks' will go away just as sudden as it appeared this morning! I wanna bike-run this weekend!!

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