Monday, December 27, 2010

T'was the day after Christmas

For the first time I actually asked hub to go to a carnival (read: a place packed with people) to let AIR1 to meet Upin & Ipin. Well of course I mis-read the info and I thought it was in SACC Mall, but it turned out to be in SACC Convention Centre. Thank goodness still indoors and cool. I am not outdoor-friendly when I’m not dressed for sports and especially when baby is concerned. Plus I hated crowded places.

I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be and of course, we killed two birds with one stone, as planned. I was supposed to entertain AIR1 and AIR2 while hub goes for his haircut and instead of what I had in mind, there was an inflatables-play-land which costs RM8 per child and so AIR1 entertained himself. I watched him, fed AIR2 till she almost fell asleep (but awoke no thanks to the emcees) and consoled AIR1 when someone took ‘his car’.

Finally he saw Upin & Ipin and was excited (no chance for photos). He insisted on an Upin inflatable which squeaks and that, he wouldn’t let go until it fell from his grip when he fell asleep.

Eventful day.

From SACC we went to Mid Valley and brought home our new year gift for the house. Hub couldn’t wait for it to be delivered. I guess children are not the only ones excited about their Christmas gifts. : )


isabelle said...

laaa..dah dkt SACC, syg lak tak dpt hangout.hehe

Dancing Ciken said...

pipi pun suka upin ipin. suka sakan la AIR1 dapat melompat sukahati

Fong said...

heheh.. bestnyer.. air1 look so happy..

reitak said...

Isabelle, aha next time la :) BTW PM me la kat reitak[at]hotmail[dot]com your phone number. We go Shah Alam at least la once a month!

Jaja, suke tapi he spent like 10 minutes observing other people jumping before taking the plunge. Tu yg sempat snap!

Fong, yup but after too long, dah kinda bored. I couldn't jump with him ;p