Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tarzan & Jane

AIR1 and I were watching Tarzan, the animated movie on paid-tv over the weekend, or perhaps it was during the Maal-Hijrah break (can’t remember). At the last bit of the movie, Jane who was on the row-boat with her dad going towards their waiting ship decided that it was her destiny’s call to stay on with Tarzan and so she swam back to shore.

When reuniting with Tarzan, Tarzan held her and kissed her on the lips….within 5 seconds, AIR1 turned to me and did the same!!

I was surprised. I didn’t expect that. He never has really kissed me on the lips (usually off-target) and this time he intentionally did that.

And so now if I say ‘Kiss Mummy’, he would do that again. If it’s just ‘Sayang Mummy’ then it can be a cheek-to-cheek gesture or a kiss anywhere on the face ;p
The power of TV!


isabelle said...

lil adam selalu kalo kiss, mmg kat lips.
tengok kat tv org hug, dia pun akan hug me...

Fong said...

gitu ke?? kene jaga d tv content lar yek??

reitak said...

Is, aha...mmg very influential kan?

Fong, hard to say but perhaps to a certain extend. Maybe at this age ok lagi kot :)