Wednesday, December 1, 2010

21 weeks and balding

AIR2 is now 5months and 1 week old. Time flies.

About 2 weeks or so ago, I started experiencing significant hair fall. Then I recalled that during this similar period, with AIR1, I also had this same experience and I got really worried then. I thought it was due to b/feeding (I was then but not now) but I guess its mainly due to hormonal changes.

It's really scarry. Comb my hair and I'll see large quantities stuck to the hairbrush. It's even worse after washing my hair. When I dry my hair, I seem to be 'sweeping' off hair from my head. And it's kinda significant cos 'hair thinning spots' can now be noticed.

Somehow I'm not as panicky as I was the last time, knowing the fact that it would one day just return to normal. HOwever I am not taking it fogranted. Vitamins should not be neglected.

Any of you have the same experience after child birth?

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Fong said...

eheh.. before reading the blog, i tot AIR2 balding.. terkejut.. hehe, gune lar coconut oil.. hehe.. usually indian hair so thick N alot..