Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Beginning

I’m very happy that my friend finally did it. She finally decided what was good for her. Right or not, I think its God’s will and only time will tell, but the decision has been made, the commitment done and she’ll always be in my prayers for the best to come.

When she told me she cried silently to herself, somehow I cried too. I realize that what she went through was similar to what I went through almost 2 years plus ago. But I guess my ‘route’ was slightly rougher and tougher but thank God we all went through it and came out of it stronger (I suppose...).

It’s always a child’s duty to listen and at least follow what their parents want best for them. But somehow sometimes there are things where they may not agree. It’s difficult to open the eyes of the people whom have taken care of us for soooooo many years and let them see and allow us to do something out of the norm.

It’s always been my belief that there is only so much human can control and the rest is up to the greater force up there.

Fong, may this be a start of a new beginning for you out there....God Bless both of you!

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oli said...

may God always bless them!!!