Monday, November 29, 2010

Crappy weekend

Reading comments on my earlier post triggered this. Oh yes, my supposedly superb Saturday started out horribly. My itinery was supposed to be spa, kids photography, musical then rest.

went right on time, only to hear the reception tell me that I was not booked for that day. Called hub to clarify and he said he booked thru our consultant, which for some reason or other didn't place the booking and asked her colleague to let us know but the colleague didn't. WEI!! You are the consultant, why can't you tell us? You mentioned that if you didn't call us back, means appointment was made. And only when I stepped into the premise, your bongok colleague comes up to me and said, 'Oh so-and-so told me to tell you this.' WHAT? I asked why can't either one of you call us?her reason? 'because I just arrived.' WHAT? as though your system doesn't have our telephone numbers and as though you were only told this morning or last night? The appt was made like 4 days ago..hellooooo! I told her off with that last sentence and stormed off to the ladies. And no, having a full bladder doesn't make me less intolerable, I'm not tolerable to stupid reasonings.

Came out and the reception asked if she could reschedule for me and I said 'NO! I want my appt right now!' I'm not to be taken lightly here. Unfortunately only a male therapist was available, so my dreams of having a body massage went right through the toilet. Ended up with only foot reflexology. Darn!

And after that 30mins ordeal, I'm running out of time...So I had to only settle with that ONE treatment.

Kids photog
It was ok, except that when it was AIR1's turn, he was very stingy with his smile and he was distracted by a ball...he just has to have that ball and kick it a about.

By the time it was AIR2's turn, AIR1 was tired and cranky, didn't make my usually smily AIR2 feel any better as she too was quite worn out, waiting and it was few hours after her 3rd booster jab.

I got invites from AMBP (All m'sian bloggers) for Peter Pan The Musical, but by the time I reached home, I wasn't well...I was feeling feverish, body achy and throat starting to be painful. I seriously had to forgo it, because Sunday was another day hub had to work, and me at home with the kiddos this time. I contemplated to go, tried to get ready, but oh well, it was too late. Apologies to AMBP. Thanks for the invite but I know I missed a great show!

I was pissed, I guess it all started from that darn spa appointment. See, maybe if I did have the massage, I'd feel good enough for the musical. Oh well....and today, the monday after, I'm in no mood, for dunno what reasons....just feeling blah...


isabelle said...

poor u.sgt kesian.
well, that's one of the things la.

Fong said...

sian nyer.. yup, kene always begin d day w good stuff =)

Dancing Ciken said...

teruk la that spa. jangan stress2 sangat la k