Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1Malaysia F1 Team

When I heard 1Malaysia F1 team looking for qualified people to join them, I wondered. Had I stayed on after I finished my thesis and proceeded in the same line, would I be qualified enough? Or would I be head-hunted by them (perasan tak ingat). Hehe Since my research was about lubrication in high speed engines, i.e. F1 engines, wouldn’t my supervisor or someone I’m working with think I’m qualified enough? But would I want to work with them, if I get it?

All those questions were running through my mind. I guess my simple answer to that was no, not at this point of time at this stage of my life. I guess since I’ve left that many years ago (more than 5 already, hahaha actual number remains a secret), if I actually stayed in that same field, I’d have done more than just research on lubrication. Perhaps something more exciting and perhaps maybe even beneficial to the team ( if there were no one else out there…). If I were still in that field, I may have taken the opportunity. But now I’m not and circumstances have changed.

But (aiyo, already say no, some more so many buts) I just can’t help thinking of the fact that ‘once it was my dream’ would have actually came true. :)

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