Monday, October 12, 2009

Another weekend!

Saturday was a blast. Why? It’s been a while since we spent most of our time at home. Since just before Raya, that is. Always out for food, or buying groceries to make cookies erm, going everywhere…its been our habit, erm we’ve not able to stay still too long!

So Saturday morning, again, was awaken by AIR (what’s new?). Decided to take him to the playground and then we’ll decide later if I’m up for a walk/run. After the playground, he didn’t seem THAT sleepy, so I decided to put him in the stroller and jog. But I ended up walking cos 1) the new jogging route I wanted to try next to the new housing area didn’t look very safe as there were few men cleaning/grass cutting and doing some landscaping there; 2) I didn’t want to risk it with baby & stroller and w/o my handphone to call for help. So I walked down the ‘hill’ right to the guard and attempted to ‘speed walk’ up, but only managed ¾ of the way. Hmmmph fitness now non-existance lah! (I guess my dream of attempting Powerman Lumut is also non-existance lah – Darn!)

Usually by the time I reach the ‘top’ again, AIR would be asleep or almost. This time, not…so I decided to go for another round. I enjoyed it. Most weekend mornings I’m too tired to even think about walking. At 11am, since hubby wanted to take the car for a wash, I decided to go for a swim. Haaa another almost-forgotten activity. Slower than my previous first-attempts but I felt good.

And it was open-house-feast in the evening. All the way to Senawang. Not too bad la. Food so-so but durian we tapau-ed from Langat was da-bomb! :D

On Sunday, I awoke to body ache. Hah now, that’s new. Usually after swims, I rarely get that. Now, that’s a sign that my body is soooo tired and I’m totally unfit! Bah! I need to get my routine up again. Pants are getting slightly tight on the waistline!

And yesterday itself too, I went and bought my gym-ball (after almost half a year of contemplating) and I think I’ll start today! It’s going to be difficult to work-out out of the house and during un-Godly hours for someone like me. I’m alright with the un-Godly hours but its getting really unsafe out there! Hence a small investment! Now I’m already imagining some nice abs (hahaha, I wonder how long it’ll take) and toned triceps. I’ve got imbalanced triceps-biceps now. If only I had enough budget for my very own treadmill.....hmmmm

My shoulder still aches – this is definitely not from swimming – its diff, think it’s from office or carrying AIR's stuff. Crap! I can’t wait to get on my ‘durian-like’ gymball. :D


isabelle said...

durian???? wahhh...tiba2 rasa blk ni nak singgah beli durian la kat shell tu.

rajin tul u exercise ye? haihhh...agak2 esok pancit tak waktu explorace tu ye?

reitak said...

Yes isabelle, p beli je durian tuh!! hubby & I are crazy over durians...and now I'm wondering why durian pahang nyer season tak abis2...

when's ur explorace? ler, u nampak fit je, it should be a breeze...

erm, yes I used to b even more rajin..I mmg masuk races...tapi after the stork arrived, I barely have time and dunno when I'll be up to 'standard' again...hmmm

but things have to be slowly la will work my way through now start with easy-peasy ones...:D