Friday, October 16, 2009

Reflexology, sir?

A couple of weeks back, hubby & I went for a foot reflexology. I also wanted shoulder/back massage badly. I really didn’t know why but all of a sudden, that week, I was having achy shoulders. Since we’ve postponed this many times, this time we made it a point.

Our usual place has an electricity supply problem, so we headed off to Sunway Damansara in search of another place. We came across one which seemed quite ok (i.e. not those dodgy ones) and price was reasonable. And so we settled for the foot & shoulder package.

Like many foot reflexology centers, usually the massage areas are right in front, as you enter. Midway through our massage, the masseurs were talking amongst themselves and suddenly the phone in their reception rang.

And I overhead this, ‘ Yeah, we have massages and reflexology’ there was a pause followed by

‘what do you mean? Oh extra services? Erm, no sorry we don’t have that.’…

’ok, thank you’

And I was about to burst out laughing. I turned and asked hubby if he heard that. He didn’t, so I whispered/mouthed it to him. And he too was surprised.

For one, the place is not dodgy (thank God!) and secondly, both the ladies attending to us were not to bad, but they didn’t have the extra skill where they could tell you if there’s anything wrong with you by just pressing at your pressure points. So, off we go in search again for the person who has that skill.

And I was thinking to myself, ‘gosh, there are people who actually call up these places to enquire for ‘extra services’ huh’ and then I pondered – are these places any better than that of those dodgy prostitute places? Perhaps the ‘imported’ girls make the difference, I suppose. I wouldn’t know . :)


Fong said...

very hard to find someone who know how to read ur problem nowadays.. its more like massage for pleasure only... N lots of chinese masseur from china...

isabelle said...

hahaha. i wonder who's that desperate person.
if it's 3g, dah kantoi nmpk muka.hehehe