Friday, October 23, 2009

Jom! Let's go to the Movies!

Taking a break from what I’ve been doing….

Last night, I had so much fun. From being greeted by my 9.5month-old-son-with –party-hat (yet to take picture)to finally being able to watch a movie, with the presence of my son.

What bliss!

I went to the nursery and when the door opened, he was sitting down with that pointy-top-party-hat on, looking as mischievous as ever. Oh boy, I could just hug him and not let go! Unfortunately, he couldn’t put the hat on all the way home, cos his bucket-like-car seat can’t accommodate. (I’ve yet to change him to the vertical one cos its so much more comfy sleeping in this and convenient for us if he so happens falls asleep if we’re going anywhere)

And then we were going to try and take him to the movie. When we were having dinner, he was asleep. Then, as we were finishing and leaving, he awakens. And then I thought it maybe more difficult now. We’re prepared to leave if he makes noise (tickets free wat) :) and so we went in. slightly late, so the show started.

He was still drowsy, so we kept him in his car seat and on the seat next to me. After a while, he got didn’t want his milk anymore and it was really cold inside so we had his blankie round him. He looked really comfy n cuddly. Keke

Although his eyes were sleepy already, he refused to doze off (it’s the same problem in the day). And after many eye-rubbing, head-scratching sessions, his eyes were almost closed. I peered at him and he starred back at me wide-eyed. Aiyo!

Thank God, after staring at the screen and 30mins into the movie, he finally dozed off, snoring and ignorant to all the laughter and noise around him. I was so happy. Movie – sans action so music wasn’t too loud or sudden for his sensitive ears.

It was an achievement. Now, I can plan for more movies, can’t I?

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isabelle said...

hahaha..good.he's well-behaved eh?
if the movie is not of kiddy type, have to watch it when he's sleepy la.
else, u hv to go for an animated ones.