Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quake, Tsunami, Dizzy, Sleepy...

I’ve meant to post something about Raya, but I’ve only managed half way drafting it and then it’s been left since 4 days’ ago. I don’t have the luxury of time to write a long post though that’s what I want to. Anyway, will post that up soon, promise. At home, I just want to chill…hehehe cos now lil’ AIR no longer sleeps from his ride home through. He wakes up when we reach the house. So have to entertain him for a while, usually up to approx 1 hr, before he’s ready for bed again. Then only we get to relax and watch some TV.

First it was the quake and tsunami in the Samoa and American Samoa, then later in the evening, the quake in Padang, Sumatra. Right after I heard that, it brought one thought to me. Is that a sign? Earlier it was the Typhoon in Hong Kong. Then Typhoon in Philippines and now Vietnam….hmmmm makes me wonder….

I didn’t feel the tremor this time around though at that time, I was on the 9th floor….back in Pg, mum felt it. The way she described it seemed like it was stronger than the one I felt sometime circa 12 yrs ago when I was still studying, and home alone at that time. Anyway….funny that KL felt it so bad but in Uptown we didn’t feel anything. Apparently there were people in Uptown who felt it and ran out…guess I was already ‘dizzy’ to begin with and starring at this lappy made no difference. Just added to the dizziness. Haha

I guess that contributed to the traffic jam on Kerinchi Link? Cos on traffic was smooth on Federal highway so it definitely wasn’t the usual congestion…perhaps people running out of the Menara TM and its nearby towers contributed to the havoc on the road.


Mind my incoherent train of thoughts. I keep getting interrupted and its not good. hence lousy blogpost...

I was complaining towards the end of Ramadhan that I was constantly feeling sleepy and lethargic. After fasting completed, I was back to normal. But then again, I assumed it was the toll from the whole 4 week duration and not a short few days incidents. But today when I fasted, the same happened on the way to work. Maybe it was lack of sleep, I dunno. Can’t tell but I’ll have to see if it happens again next week.


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