Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jundeco Stickers

Jundeco stickers? What are they? Basically self adhesive decorative stickers which will brighten and liven up any part of your house. Check it out here.

Want to win some of these? Check out MomBloggersPlanet's contest page for more info.

I'm very attracted by those in the Kid's Series. It really will liven up any room. There's soooo many nice & cute ones that I really dunno how to choose, but I guess the one which looks like a circus caught my attention. PS58064 is my favourite. Cos its colourful, lively and with a few different type of animals, which the child (or baby in my case) can also learn. And its up to your creativity how you want to stick it, it can make a whole lot of difference.

Thanks to Jundeco stickers and MomBloggersPlanet, both making this possible.

Hurry, go check them out and there's also additional lucky draw 'slots' to increase your chances of winning.

Contest runs from 15th to 31st October 2009.

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