Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Are you sleeping?

Gosh, its so funny and cute when we ‘tortured’ AIR yesterday. Well, not literally torture.

Of late, he always has difficulty wanting to go to bed. He will be sooo tired that halfway through playing, he will rub his eyes, lie down and rub his face against his pillow and momentarily stay in that position (and we think he’ll fall asleep), and then sit up again and continue playing. And this will happen a few times, until he starts making noise and then we have to put him to sleep. Earlier attempts to put him to sleep before his ‘cry for help’ is always futile.

Usually, he will sleep on the way to the nursery. Recently, by the time he’s tired, we’ll be almost reaching the place already, so no point sleeping for less than 10minutes and then waking him up. (he awakens usually when we carry him from his seat)

So, yesterday, since there were both of us, and we were 5 minutes away from the nursery, we tried to stop him from sleeping. Yes, that was the torture I meant. Daddy tickled and tried to catch his attention, and he smiled and laughed, but at a subdued tone….and then we did it again when we saw his eyes almost going to shut. And oh boy, the reaction we got – eyes closed with a smile and trying to laugh. Gosh, that brought laughter to both of us…and when we laughed, he looked up at us and smiled again. It was certainly adorable!

It was cute and pitiful to him at the same time. Felt so bad not allowing him to sleep…but then ….


isabelle said...

how i wished u have captured a pix of the scene.
mesti cute sgt kan?

Fong said...

me too.. hehe, next time get ready w camera k.. I think parents nyer reaction lg comel dr peapod kot.. hehe

reitak said...

ituler...mmg tak expect his reaction, hence tak standby...some more in the car...
rugi rugi :D