Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Gosh its been ages since I logged on to bloghop and to blog. Sorry folks, unstable b/band connection and was quite busy after my confinement :)

I'm a firm believer of babywearing but never got to practise it with AIR1. That was because he never liked it, esp the sling, which I was very fond of. He felt claustrophobic, I guess and kinda warm, perhaps. And Alvina (AIR2), being the princess she is, likes to be cuddled, held and carried until she dozes off. Sometimes after dozing off, upon putting her down, she'll awake, and the process starts again. So the solution to it - babywear her! And now, as I'm writing this, she's in the sling fast asleep. I not only have my two hands free, I can go anywhere and do anything now, without every few minutes having to stop what I do because she whined or cried.

Hey I even breastfed on the go! Yup, as I was walking/shopping, I was b/feeding her, I didn't have to stop and sit or look for the babyroom to nurse her at all. :) Mum was surprised when I was nursing her while we were having lunch the other day.

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Fong said...

hehe, cam kuat comment jer.. u can do dat?? maybe later can try..