Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The Oprah Show has become a daily feature during my confinement now. Why? Cos mum watches it everyday at 1pm. :) And so while I surf or blog or whatever, I pun tumpang and watch.

Sometimes she's got really good topics and sometimes not so. But today, it's about couples suffering from lack of or no intimacy in the marriage.

Couple 1 - Wife dislikes kissing husband. She used to like it and she loves kissing, but somehow along the way, the act of kissing just lost. And she can't bring herself to kiss anymore. Part of the therapy - start with 15min of kissing on Day 1. Day 2 - talk to each other, exclude work, kids or household stuff.

Couple 2 - Suddenly 2 1/2 yrs ago, after a 9 yr marriage, this couple stopped having sex. Hubby says they just don't connect, at times he doesn't find her attractive (after a long day at work etc and she seems tired etc). This couple looks like they are in the 40s. They now have 3 kids. And it was after kid#3 which they stopped. They don't have physical connection at all and they're worried bout their marriage in the future.

Interesting, I must say and brave of them to open up publicly.

Apparently 15% of the US population have sex-less marriages.

I'm blogging as I watch, and I'm not going to wait for it to be over. I guess for them to appear, the therapies must've went well, and so they're now happy again :)

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LoveZahra said...

oprah mmg best..i slalu watch 8pm ..sometimes repeat show..paling suka session with Dr.Oz